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first new update

2010-08-29 20:02:12 by joshua16bones

well im back for the first time in what like a year or something. gasp.. anywho i know hardly anyone even knows of me if not no one at all seeing as my art has been put to a lil hold atm but i feel like a gotta at least try to get the newgrounds ball rolling for some new art. and this is me trying..... yes and failing ¬_¬

new guy

2009-12-21 08:23:02 by joshua16bones

hello to everyone at newgrounds. just gunnu right some stuff about my self. im just kinda slowly getting into my art at the moment and thought it would be a good idea getting some criticism both good and bad up on N.G so im just gunnu be pouting my art up as i go along and see what happens with it. hopefully this N.Gs thing will go good who knows anywho bye